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Cast List for "Battle of Chaos"
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Here are some of our latest movies:

Silent Disturbance: One man (Calver) was called for a unique duty to take out the enemy threshold. He and his assistant (Chaney) await in the dark room directly outside of the HQ. They barge in and take out the last remaining member of the UCCF, or Under Cover Centeral Forces. *NOTE* Airsoft guns and blood capsules were used, just a little promo for our production company.

Click here to download Silent Disturbance

Karrington Chaney loves to play Halo 2 on Xbox Live. He has noticed a glitch which we happened to catch on film. I bring to you...IMPULSIVE's glitch. (Gamertag: IMPULSIVE13)

Click here to download IMPULSIVE's glitch

Karrington is a professional actor and has come across some very useful equipment in his many years of acting. IMPULSIVE Productions has used some of this equipment such as: airsoft guns, movie blood, blood capsules, army clothing, etc. We guarentee you no one has been hurt in the making of these films.
*All movies are .wmv format, in order to play movies you need Windows Media Player*


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